This assignment is due by 5 p.m. on Sunday 9/22.

Our book, the Unlikely Disciple, talks about ethnography several times (e.g. page 10 or 67).  Also, for this week one of our readings talked about ethnography?  I want you to go out and do some ethnography focused on UW-Madison.  Examine UW-Madison students, what would an outsider see?  Remember, 4 short weeks ago, you were “outsiders”.   Think about how you would answer the question, “You know you went to Madison if…”?  Post a photo, video, drawing, website link, etc… to this page and briefly explain how it demonstrates UW-Madison culture.  Make sure you include your name at the top of the post so that I know who submitted the assignment.  I have done an example for you below.

9/10/2013– Kirsten Brown

Jump Around… is a method of supporting a college athletic team that involves a significant number of fans jumping up and down at the same time to music.  It appears to be a communal bonding experience, however, I would also be worried about the structural integrity of the football stadium.

Start watching at the 40 second mark

HI This is My Name

Here is my homework.

Hi, This is Kamden Gahr

I decided to post a video of the singing of “Varsity” at a Badger home football game. This is a tradition at the University of Wisconsin- Madison and no other college would really understand the meaning of this tradition.

Hola this is Logan Conlon

You know you went or are going to madison if you are excited for winter to be here but only for one reason. That reason is the annual Snowball fight for Bascom, where Lakeshore and Southeast go head to head. You may ask “What is the point or prize?” Well the winner gets the all glorious bragging rights, and to claim Bascom Hill!

Hi, this is Isaac Brahm

You know you are at UW-Madison when you can see the Abe Lincoln Statue at the top of Bascom hill. It is a unique statue, and it is tradition for graduation seniors to sit on his lap after commencement.

Yeah I posted this in the reply section first… my bad.

September 14, 2013 – Emily Brix

“On, Wisconsin!” is most commonly known as the fight song at athletic events, but has also become a popular phrase that is passed on between Badgers. Whether you are a Badger alumni, student, or even just a fan, the phrase, “On, Wisconsin!” is used to encourage, support, and share the school spirit of the University of Wisconsin-Madison community. The lyrics from “On, Wisconsin!” mention how “Forward” is our driving spirit which encourages us to be even greater. The attached video shows a short compilation of the forwardness and progressiveness that the University of Wisconsin-Madison experiences whether it is through research, academic advancements, athletics, student organizations, and traditions.  As the video states, Keep On, Wisconsin!

Hey, this is Cole Gilsdorf

The wave is a special time during every football game. For five minutes, all the fans are more intent on getting everyone involved than in watching the actual game. The student section does variations of the normal wave, such as fast, slow, reverse, and the cross. The most special part, I think, is when all the fans in the non-student sections take part. Then, after a successful wave, the student sections cheer on the rest of the fans for their participation.

This is Brian Keenan,

Buying Badger Football Season Tickets Was THE WORST, this was from buzz feed’s “40 signs you went to the University of Wisconsin-Madison”

40 Signs You Went To The University Of Wisconsin-Madison

7am on-sale time? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Hello! This is Emma Lankey. As I was trying to figure out what trademark of Madison I was going to put in here, I decided on a common campus hangout for the students. My dad, a UW grad, was the first person to bring me here and as soon as I became a student I had to come and bring my floor. Now, we go all the time, and I always run into friends who live all over campus. This place is called Ians Pizza, and here posted is my favorite type of pizza they have, the Mac and Cheese pizza. YUM!


Hello! This is Diana Barrera. I chose the UW Madison’s terrace at the memorial union because one of my friends is a senior and I asked her where is the most common place all UW Madison’s students go to and she said the terrace. She said it is really beautiful and its a nice place to go to on a Friday night with a couple of friends to eat and hang out when you had enough with parties. Everyone should go visit if they have not yet . !


Hi this is Jannike Heide.

I chose the Wisconsin State Capitol.  The Capitol is located at the end of state street in downtown Madison and is in between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona.  It’s appearance is most like the U.S. Capitol building in Washington DC.  At the top of this beautiful structure is an observation deck that is open to the public in the summer and gives scenic views of the city.


Hi, this is Aviv Benhamo.

You know you went to UW-Madison if you ran in 90 degree heat to Camp Randall just to pick up your football season tickets so you could jump around in your amazing new Badgers t-shirt.


Hi this is Lindsay Root.

I chose this picture because I feel that it represents the University of Wisconsin’s 24-hour school spirit. Lined up in front of the state’s capital, Madison students dress in red to represent the best school in, what I seem to think, is the best school in the country!!


Hey all, this is Angela Moynan.

I chose State Street because it is a place where every Badger goes to eat and have a good time. There are numerous things to do on State Street: shop, eat, drink, ect. Also, State Street has some of Madison’s most iconic theaters and of course, the capitol building. State Street has been a source of Badger’s entertainment for many years and will remain out source of entertainment for many years to come.

Hi there! This is Haley Steffanus.

You know you went to UW-Madison if…you recognize this screen. This is a picture of the screen you wait on while trying to get Badger season football tickets. It is a nerve racking and stressful Monday morning waiting to see if your going to be one of the lucky ones to get tickets. All you can do is sit there, wait, and hope the screen changes soon.


Hey! I’m Codyann Kolp

I chose being a “house fellow” as a thing that you would only understand if you went to UW-Madison. My house fellow told me that our school is probably the only school left that still calls the dorm advisers this instead of a residential adviser.  She said that they were called house fellows in the old days because they were male advisers that lived in the houses to be a friend to the boys that went to the school. Nearly all schools call their dorm advisers “RA’s, but we here at Madison know them to be our wonderful house fellows!



Hey, this is Victor Vang
You know, I’m going to make this nice and simple. You know you are on the University of Wisconsin-Madison Campus, when you see Buckingham U. Badger do this…



Hi this is Kenji Passini and I decided to post a video about Badger game day because as we all know every Saturday morning is an amazing experience.

Hey this is Josh Larson,

I decided to post about the 5th quarter of every badger home football game.  After 4 quarters of some great football, the band takes the field and plays their music for 15 more minutes.  Watch the video and enjoy this “Only in Madison” tradition.

5th quarter

Hey this is Josh Larson…

You know your at a badger football game when after the game there is another quarter called the 5th quarter!! Think 4 quarters is enough for a game?? Well at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, we like 5 quarters of a game; 4 of which include football and the 5th is where the UW marching band comes out the the field and plays around for 15 more minutes. View the video and enjoy one of Wisconsin’s traditions.


Hey this is James Rasmussen.  It’s been a only a few weeks since I’ve came to Madison.  My first Badger game was an experience that I will never forget.  Besides “tailgating” the ButterCup song is something that is definitely Wisconsin.  One of my goals now is to attend every home football game.  The touchdown on the concluding words of the Buttercup game against UMASS will be something that I will never forget.  Although I personally didn’t videotape this moment I was glad to be able to find it on YouTube.


Hey, this is Anthony Gomez

I chose the unmistakable site of the union south chairs. Their vibrant colors always add a splash of color to any Wisconsin season. They even brighten up the snowy white days with their vivid colors.

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  1. Hi, this is Isaac Brahm

    You know you are at UW-Madison when you can see the Abe Lincoln Statue at the top of Bascom hill. It is a unique statue, and it is tradition for graduation seniors to sit on his lap after commencement.

  2. Hey its Joe Benthein
    I chose to post about one of the more controversial UW-Madison traditions, the annual Mifflin Street Block Party. For more than four decades students of UW-Madison have taken part in a weekend of large scale partying to celebrate the end of the academic year. This usually includes the gathering of thousands of people around the Mifflin Street neighborhood in combination with widespread alcohol consumption and unwritten “sanction” by law enforcement authorities. More recently, the party has caused serious safety issues involving violent crime and property damage, resulting in harsher law enforcement and clear policies on cracking down.

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